The Smith Family

Noah- Grammar guy and Bible enthusiast

Vicki Lynn- Planner and people person

Teddy- The energy

Emma Jane- The cute factor


Your neighborhood Bible Translators!  

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Noah and Vicki Lynn Smith
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Solomon Islands
Noah and Vicki Lynn Smith
4086 Willow Neave Rd
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Call or text VickiLynn at  ‪706-963-0511‬
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Wycliffe Bible Translators
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Trees Make a Forest

You can’t have a forest without trees. But a forest is so much more than trees. What makes a forest beautiful is the wildlife and the flowers. The design and variety of creation is amazing. If the trees are lost by fire or timber, the wildlife and the flowers generally go with it. It’s not all about the trees, but you really can't have a forest without them.

A ministry partnership team is similar. You can’t have a partnership team without dollars. But a partnership team is so much more than dollars. What makes a partnership team beautiful is the relationships and common love for ministry. God’s provision of a team and the variety of the team are amazing. If the dollars fall away, the ministry generally falls away also. Want to be part of our forest? It’s a beautiful place; a huge blessing from the Lord!


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We may be the
faces of Bible
translation, but we couldn't do it
without all of
you behind us,
seen and unseen.